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Driving School

Behind the Wheel
Just finished class at Moorhead High?  Please call 218-287-1236 to set up a time to meet and receive your blue card. Please bring your certificate of classroom completion and a down payment of $100 for the behind the wheel training.

Behind the Wheel: Courses
Driving Lesson

Behind the wheel training

Apply your classroom theory to the road with a one-on-one driving lesson with our qualified instructors.
All of our behind the wheel lessons are private, with only the student and instructor in the vehicle.
Private behind-the-wheel lessons provide fewer distractions without other passengers in the vehicle.
Behind-the-wheel lessons are by appointment and payment options are available.
Classroom - $135.00
*** 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel - $330.00
Package: Classroom & 6 hours of Behind-the-Wheel - $425.00
(Registration & payment together-discount applies towards classroom)


Please call 218-287-1236 to schedule behind the wheel training.
We offer lessons during the day and afternoon, with evening and weekends also available.
Greatest availability is during the day.

Driving Lesson

Additional Services

$75.00 to use vehicle for driver’s test

$60.00 per individual behind the wheel hour

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